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Time has come for me to watch inception starring Leo Dicaprio. And i did. Did I?I remember watching the film but was i dreaming instead?Did i have a dream of watching inception or i watched the film? Maybe it was a dreamy film. No. Did i have a dream where i was dreamimg of watching the film? Was it a dream within a dream with severeal dreamy layers. God . I ‘m confused.


The Tourist

Hmmm. How should i put it now? Who thought that putting Angelina Jolie and Johnny Depp together in Venice makes a film good? Plot? Predictable. Performance? come again? Is it only the face and the body that makes an actress? How many close-ups of Angelina  do we have to see in the movie to forget the unbearable boredom? Why Johnny Depp gained so much weight and whose idea was it to hide his talent?Venice? Yeap that was nice. But we can watch a documentary about the City of Water.Thank you torrent – God i didn’t go to the cinema that rainy day!!

scary christmas

Explain to me. Why a film about Santa and Christmas and the opening – presents period of the year can be scary? Why a Santa holding a knife is scary? Why they keep doing it? Why there are people who watch Santa with knifes? Anyway, some like it. I accept it. So there are some films that for a strange reason are scary and they are super famous during Christmas Holidays. Personally i would like to watch no.6 .

1. Silent Night, Bloody Night

2. Don’t open ’till Christmas

3. Santa Claws

4. Silent Night, Deadly Night

5. Santa’s slay

6. Black Christmas

7 . Christmas Evil

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The truth is out there..

NASA  people with their announcements gave us hope! And why not? We shouldn’t be so selfish thinking we are the only ones, the kings of the universe. No!!  Mulder’s beliefs are found to be true! Let us prepare for the milky way! Yeap!

The American.

Last night i watched ” The American ” . Jack, the main character ( starring George Clooney ) is a                      craftsman who works with bad guys. Bad Swedish guys want to kill him, his good friend Pavel offers him    a final job, to make a super-wow gun for a Belgian woman, Mathilde. Jack is really tired of his lifestyle  and he wants this assigment to be the last one, to fall in love and drink brandy with his new friend the village’s pastor.But once a professional assassin, always a professional assassin.  At the beginning the movie is of  high expectations then to tell you the truth i got a little bored. I liked the fact that the movie is based on  Martin Booth’s novel ( A very private gentleman ).I liked the fact that most of the film was shot at the  italian countryside. I liked the fact  that Corbijn, the director, used every single frame in favor of the plot. I liked the fact that i didn’t pay to watch it.

Museum of Communism

Here you see a post of The Museum of Communism in Prague. Have a closer look. Come on try harder! What does it say?? Museum of Communism next to…. Casino. And where exactly is it posted?? Oh, it’s next to McDonalds! (i’m loving it!). Interesting….

Museum of Communism in Prague