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David Bowie – heroes



David Bowie (respect). A really really great musician who i like very much and i think many of               you out there do too. In 1977 our dear David wrote a song along with Brian Eno, called ” Heroes”.           At  first  the song was released as a single and later it was included at the “Heroes” album.



The song is about two lovers who meet each other at the wall of shame, the Berlin wall.

Bowie named the track after the song “Hero” by the German band Neu!

It is no doubt one of Bowie’s greatest  hits although i personally                  believe  he has written greater ones, in terms of musical and artistic        value.




eurythmics – seX cRime 1984


Eurythmics (Annie Lenox and David Stewart) were formed in 1980.They were quite successful  in the 80s and perhaps their biggest hit is sweet dreams (are made of this).Nice song but i like sex crime better. SexCrime 1984 is found at the 1984(for the love of Big Brother) album. 


Sexcrime(1984) was used as a soundtrack to the film Nineteen eighty-four.

The film was an adaptation of George Orwell’s novel 1984.

The film, let alone the novel, describes a collectivist society whose         members are under mind-control, continuously observed and                 manipulated. The novel is one of the best political writings of  the           20th c.


Buffalo Springfield – for what it’s worth


Buffalo Springfield released a single in January 1967,For What it’s Worth, a song written by Stephen Stills.The song was later included in their re-release of their first album Buffalo Springfield. The song is ranked no 63 on Rolling Stone’s list of The 500 Greatest Songs of all time.

At first, the song was a representation of the overall anxiety and turbulence arising from the 1960s events, mainly the Vietnam War.

However, Stills wrote the song about the escalating unrest between police and young club-goers,


a situation caused by the closing of Pandora’s Box , a club on the Sunset Strip, in west Hollywood, California.

Bob Dylan – Hurricane




Rubin ” Hurricane” Carter was a professional middleweight boxer from 1961 to  1966.Along with John Artis were charged with a triple murder. The incident took  place at the Lafayette Grill in Paterson, New Jersey in 1966. They were found guilty  and both were sentenced to four consecutive life sentences.However, the  convictions were overturned on appeal in 1985. Carter’s imprisonment was  accompanied with a huge amount of  racism.



Carter’s story was an inspiration for Bob Dylan to write a song about him.

And so at the album Desire released in 1976 the song Hurricane is included. He wrote it after meeting Carter in prison and it is one of the most important protest songs ever.




fastball – the way

The Way is a song written by the band, Fastball.

It is included in their second album All the pain money can buy which was released in 1998.


What is the story behind this song?

An old married couple , Lela and Reymond Howard from Salado,  Texas,in June 28, 1997 were driving to the Pioneer Days Festival.Some say that she had Alzheimer’s disease and he was recovering from  brain injury. Strange enough the couple disappears and their children could not find them.The couple got disoriented and drove off a ravine near Hot Springs Arkansas. The car was discovered hidden by dense brush after a wrenching two-week search.


Tony Scalzo, the band’s bassist  was the one to come up with the dea of the song after reading the articles about the couple.