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absolutely amazing!!!there is this festival the Bregenzer Festival in Austria. It takes place at the lake Constance , on the Rhine , which is actually situated in Germany , Austria and Switzerland. They have a floating stage with 7.000 seats  which is over water on the shores of Lake Constance. The programme includes opera, concerts, drama and many other art performances.The festival was founded in 1946 and each year many people visit it .It is held at summer, around July and August. I know outside it’s snowing and it’s cold but I liked so much i couldn’t help it, not writing about it. You can find more information about it on bregenzer festspiele .

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Winter Festival of Lights, Niagara falls

I always, always i mean always wanted to visit Niagara Falls and Canada in general . I think it’s a wonderful place full of beautiful things to see. Let alone to go there during Christmas Holidays  where everything is full of colours and everyone is smiling. Someday I will go and perhaps i will be lucky enough to visit the Niagara Falls at Christmas. If you are planning to go however, you can check out the CAA Winter Festival of Lights that this year will be held until 31st of December.Have fun and take a lot of pictures.You will get all the information you need at: niagara festival of lights

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APhF:10 athens photo festival

” Under the Bridge ” is the basic part of the annual photo festival in Athens, Greece. The festival is a continuation of the International Month of Photography which takes place in September. The APhF :10 exhibition is held at the Esplanade Building . Besides the photo exhibitions the festival also include, lectures,educational programs, volunteer center etc. For more information check : PhF:10

1st Low Budget Festival


The Low Budget Festival takes place in Athens, Greece for the first                  time. It is an effort made from a small group of people who love theatre        and  dance and have no goverment funding. ( no surprise!). The festival        will take place at the Michael Cacoyannis Foundation, 20 November –           19  December. People visiting the festival will watch new theatrical                 trends, 10 groups, 10 plays, 30 performances and 60 actors.


1st low budget festival

michael cacoyannis foundation


51st Thessaloniki International Film Festival


Thessaloniki, the beautiful city of Nothern Greece, continues its tradition in film festival. This december we will have the chance to watch the 51st Film Festival. For ten days films from all over the world will be presented, new ideas, tributes, guests from the contemporary cinema and many more will take place. The festival will be held until December 12, 2010. For more information on the films and the schedule in general check : Thessaloniki Film Festival