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ian rankin

OK. Close your eyes for a moment and think of Edinburgh. (what do you mean you’ve never been there? plan your trip now) What comes in mind? Whiskey? Thistle? The Hearts? Waverly station? Fudge? Princes Street? Fringe Festival? My friend Clodagh who’s expecting her second baby? What? The right answer is all of the above and John Rebus!! Yeap! Ian Rankin’s famous detective! Well done Mr. Rankin! You made us sleep late at nights reading your books! But we forgive you because you put your detective listening to Mogwai in his car on the way to investigate crime scenes.Looking forward for your latest book “The Complaints”. Cheers!

p.s. want to find out more about Ian Rankin??check out his site http://www.ianrankin.net/


Why I like Dexter

Dexter Morgan. My new friend! My favourite TV. Show character! And I got lots of arguments to support my obsession. Here we go. What an amazing profession!!! Bloodstain pattern analyst?? <Hey boy, what do you want to do when you grow up??> Look at the blood and tell me what happened. Respect. There are times I actually feel sorry about Dexter. I mean he’s been through so much!! Ok, he may be a serial killer and a sociopath but who said that serial killers and sociopaths can’t have friends? I want be your friend Dexter (and just in case, I haven’t done anything wrong). Check out his childhood!!! See Dr.Freud? There is an explanation for his behaviour. But who cares about baby – Dexter when the mature-Dexter is beautiful, intelligent, has a weird sense of justice and brings you doughnuts every morning?