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Album covers (part 3)

Physical Graffiti.It’s a classic. If you claim to be a serious record collector and you don’t have this album in your collection, well guess what. You’re not a serious collector.Including songs-diamonds like Kashmir, The Rover and Houses of the Holy, Led Zeppelin released this album in February 24, 1975.The album designer was Peter Corriston and it ‘s a photograph of  a New York tenement block with interchanging windows illustrations. The building is at 96-98 St. Mark’s Place in New York.The LP includes four covers made up of two inners , a middle insert cover and an outer cover. The inner covers show various objects and people (Robert Plant and Richard Cole are also shown ) on each window. Physical Graffiti was nominated for a Grammy award for best album package in 1976.



The Wall. A double album, released in 1979 by Pink Floyd. What more to say about this?? Theatrical effects, several sounds, experimentations, you name it. A true master piece and i know J.would aggree with me. The cover of the album is a wall. Simple as that.The album ‘s sleeve art labels  cartoonist Gerald Scarfe , having each of the four sides showing the  wall in different phases of construction, accompanied by characters from the story.





A different theory about how heaven looks like or how it should be. Heaven and Hell by Black Sabbath was released in 1980.The cover actually is a painting by Lynn Curlee called Smoking Angels. Nothing is so angelic after all. It seems that Van Halen got jealous and he used the same idea in his “1984” album showing an angel holding a cigarette.   





Sticky Fingers was released by Rolling Stones in 1971.It was no 63 on Rolling Stone’s magazine 500 greatest albums of all time. Not bad.Andy Warhol got this idea of having a real zipper on the cover.The artwork was photographed by Billy Name and the designer was Craig Braun. It is said that many people were the models of that picture wearing the tight jeans and some believe that it’s Mick Jagger. Who knows?The zipper was damaging the vinyl and so it was unzipped to the middle of the cover so the damage was less.




Another one by Pink Floyd. Wish you were here was the ninth studio album Pink Floyd released in 1975.The cover is perhaps oes of the most recognizable pictures. Two men shaking hands , the one is on fire. This is the idea that people are afraid to express their feelings, they hide them out of fear of getting burned. Two stuntmen were used (Ronnie Rondell and Danny Rogers) and they were photographed at the Warner Bros Studios in Los Angeles.



Album covers (part 2)

I will be honest with you. It’s not about the cover i chose this album although it’s nice and    simple.It’s the album  i just couldn’t resist, i had to write something about it. Teenage riot is  included what else do you need??Now. let’s focus. Sonic Youth released this album in 1988.  The cover shows a 1983 painting by Gerhard Richter called Kerze , meaning the candle.



Sgt.Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band. I think it’s the 8th album by Beatles released in 1967. In  this album we hear orchestras and experimentations and music elements from jazz and rock n  roll and a little something for everyone. A brilliant album actually! Well done Beatles. Now. The cover.Robert Frazer was the art-director of the album, Peter Blake and Jann Haworth were the designers and Micheal Cooper was the photographer. The cover is a collage of cardboard models of famous people. You can also see Beatles themselves wearing Manuel Cuevas suits. But who are all these people?At the front row there are Shirley Temple , Diana Dors, Marlene Dietrich,Bobby Breen, The Beatles, Albert Einstein, again The Beatles as wax models.

At the top row we find  Sri Yukteswar Giri (a guru ),  Aleister Crowley, Mae West, Lenny Bruce,W. Fields, Carl Jung, E.A.Poe, Fred Astaire, Richard Merkin, The Vargas Girl, Huntz Hall,  Bob Dylan and Simon Rodia.

At the second row we see  Sir Robert Peel, Aubrey Beardsley, A.Huxley, Dylan  Thomas, T.Southern, Dion, Tony Curtis, Wallace Berman, Tommy Handley, Marilyn Monroe, W.S Burroughs, Stan Laurel, Oliver Handy, Richard Lindner, Karl Marx, H.G. Wells, Sigmund Freud.

At the third row we see Stuart Sutcliffe, Max Miller, A Petty Girl by George Petty, Marlon Brando, Oscar Wilde,Tom Mix, Tyrone Power, Dr, David Livingstone, Larry Bell, Johnny Weissmuller, Stephen Crane, G.B.Shaw, H.Westermann,Lewis Carrol, T.E.Lawrence, Albert Stubbins.

This is what i call a crowd. Sorry if i missed someone.


Hotel California by The Eagles was released in 1976. It was their fifth album ( i think) and sold  million of copies. The cover shows the Beverly Hills Hotel shot by David Alexander. The real album   cover  was shot at the Lido in Hollywood.




Rage against the machine released in 1992. They are quite powerful in music and lyrics, Now the specific album made an impression because of its cover. It is a  photograph by Associated Press correspondent Malcolm Browne    showing  Vietnamese Buddhist monk,Thich Quang Duc, burning himself to death in Saigon in 1963. The monk was protesting against the president Ngo Dinh Diem for oppressing  Buddhists. J.F.Kennedy then withdrawed his support to Ngo Dinh Diem and his government.




a.do you like fruits?

b. are you a vegetarian?

c. do you like music?

d. all of the above

If you choose d, then velvet underground is your band.

Velvet Underground and Niko ( ’cause it’s always a woman behind a man) was released in 1967.The cover is an Andy Warhol print of a banana. Who knows?Maybe Andy while he was enjoying himself at Studio 54 had a strange inspiration.


to be continued…

Album covers (part 1)

Do you know any album covers that you really, really like?? Albums that you prefer looking at their cover and you are proud of having them in your record collection???Well, some of them are nice or weird and some records have a great cover but, thank God are also great listening to. Let’s check out some.


Of course. Nirvana and their second album Nevermind.It was released on September 24, 1991  and just blew our minds. Smells like teen spirit, Lithium, Come as you are, are some of the  songs that we still listen to and wonder what Cobain was thinking of when he was writing them.  Its cover is something to talk about. A cute swimming  baby, named Spencer Elden,and a  hooked dollar were enough to grasp people’s attention.  

Nirvana hired a photographer Kirk Weddle whose friends Renata and Rick had a baby,  Spencer. The rest is history.



I mean .. what were you thinking?? Was it the sexual revolution of the ’60s? Was it the passion  between them? Didn’t they have any clothes?? Were they so proud of their bodies??Too much  marijuana that day? For sure this album represents the naked truth of the couple. The  Unfinished Music No 1: Two Virgins was released in 1968 by these two naked models. It ‘s all  about musical experimentation by Lennon who wrote in his studio at Kenwood. Some things  are  better left for ourselves.




Our girl Polly. P.J.Harvey is one of my favourite musicians. Great songs, great personality  although in one of her concerts I have attended in Athens, Greece she only sang for 40 minutes.  Why Polly??? Anyway.Harvey released her second album Rid of me in April 1993. We can’t say  that Polly is a Victoria Secret model, but she has this something that makes her charming.At  this album cover Polly is topless swinging her hair. The photo was shot by Maria Mochnacz, at  her own bathroom.



In the Court of Crimson King, the album by King Crimson released in 1969.Nice album  containing the songs like 21st century Schizoid Man and Epitaph. The album cover has no  particular history behind it but it is a cover that once you look at it you can’t forget .It was  created by a computer programmer called Barry Godber who died of a heart attack , after the  album was released. I’m sure it has nothing to do with the album or the cover.



David David David. You and your ideas. Personally I think you are one of the greatest  musicians ever. Although I believe that inventing Ziggy Stardust had a huge impact on your  personality and not only your music .A good thing for your songs and our ears but also a good  thing for therapists.The Diamond Dogs album was released in 1974 and had a great influenced  from “1984”, the magnificent work by George Orwell.Now, the cover shows Bowie being half  man  half dog. It was created by the Belgian artist Guy Peellaert.


to be continued…