February 16th



February 16, 1646

The battle of Torrington , Devon. The last great battle of the first English Civil War.




February 16, 1907

Angelos Terzakis is born. Terzakis was a significant figure of the greek literature. He wrote short  stories, novels and plays. Some of his best known works are Princes Izambo, The Purple City, Without God, The Novel of  the Four.



February 16, 1923

Howard Carter unseals the burial chamber of Pharaoh Tutankhamun.



February 16, 1959

Fidel Castro becomes premier of Cuba after the dictator Fulgencio Batista was overthrown,  January 1st.

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David Bowie – heroes



David Bowie (respect). A really really great musician who i like very much and i think many of               you out there do too. In 1977 our dear David wrote a song along with Brian Eno, called ” Heroes”.           At  first  the song was released as a single and later it was included at the “Heroes” album.



The song is about two lovers who meet each other at the wall of shame, the Berlin wall.

Bowie named the track after the song “Hero” by the German band Neu!

It is no doubt one of Bowie’s greatest  hits although i personally                  believe  he has written greater ones, in terms of musical and artistic        value.








February 15th




February 15, 399

Socrates is sentenced to drink the conium.




February 15,1564

Galileo Galilei, the Italian astronomer and physicist, is born.




February 15, 1965

Nat King Cole (Nathaniel Adams Cole) dies. He was an American musician and a leading figure  of the jazz music.



February 15, 1982

The Ocean Ranger, drilling rig, sinks due to a storm off the coast of  Newfoundland and 84 rig  workers are killed.


February 15, 2005

YouTube is launched in the United States.

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February 13th





February 13, 1883

Wilhelm Richard Wagner dies. He was a German composer and famous for his operas.Perhaps  his most well-known works is  the magnificent Die Walkure” (The  Ride of Valkyries).



February 13, 1894

The Lumiere brothers patent the cinematographe, a machine that combines movie camera  and projector.



February 13, 1931

New Delhi becomes the capital of India.



February 13, 1950

Peter Gabriel is born.  He is an English musician, former member of the Genesis band.





February 13, 1970

Black Sabbath release one of their most successful album Black Sabbath.



February 13, 2000

The last “Peanuts ” comic strip appears in newspapers one day after Charles M. Schulz dies.

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Time has come for me to watch inception starring Leo Dicaprio. And i did. Did I?I remember watching the film but was i dreaming instead?Did i have a dream of watching inception or i watched the film? Maybe it was a dreamy film. No. Did i have a dream where i was dreamimg of watching the film? Was it a dream within a dream with severeal dreamy layers. God . I ‘m confused.





February 12th




February 12, 1804

Immanuel Kant dies. Kant was a German philosopher with an interest in the theory of knowledge. He  was into the structure of reason and one of his most known work is the Critique of Pure Reason.




February 12, 1809

Abraham Lincoln is born. He served as the 16th president of the United States from March 1861 until his assassination in April 1865.



February 12, 1809

Charles Darwin is born. Darwin was an English naturalist claiming that all species of life come  from a common ancestry. In his most famous work in 1859 On the Origin of Species Darwin  developes his theory of natural selection.


February 12, 1934

The Austrian Civil War begins.



February 12, 1947

A meteor creates an impact crater in Sikhote- Alin, Soviet Union.





February 12, 1956

Screamin’ Jay Hawkins records the song I put a spell on you.

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