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any ideas?

Here ‘ s  the thing. we are saving money  (at least we ‘re trying) for our first trip to New York somewhere around spring , hopefully. I know many of you live there so give us some hints. what to see what to do what to eat what to drink you know stuff like that. any tip could help.thanks!!!!!


Christmas Projections at Sydney

Why not travelling to Sydney?It’s one of the most beautiful places in the world full of diversities.This time of the year, during holidays there will be lots of events and things to experience. For example, each night until 25 December 2010, images will be projected onto the Sydney Town Hall offering a happy atmosphere to the visitor.check images from previous years and for more information on the holidays’ events visit : Sydney christmas.


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Do you believe in Santa?

Do you believe in Santa Claus?You don’t? Well, if you do believe in him write your letters and gift lists. If you don’t, just pack your things because either way, you are going to the Arctic Circle.You are going to Rovaniemi,Lapland, that is to Santa Claus Village. There, you will see Santa’s office , Santa’s post office, exhibitions, buy gifts and take pictures next to reindeer and elf. And if for a moment there you forget that all this is a business planed to seduce little children you may have an excellent time to a beautiful place.

santa claus village


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Christmas in Berlin. Prost!!!

Let’s assume you are in Berlin. I’m sure there are plenty of things to do and see. If you will be in Berlin during Christmas then you will have more things to do and see. Get up leave the delicious sausage down take a glass of beer and walk around the city. You will see Christmas markets, like the Gendarmenmarkt and there will be painters, jugglers , acrobats, fire-swallowers,dancers and many more.  You  can also go to the Sony Center and you will see thousands of lights at the Potsdamer Platz. And then there is the Lucia Christmas Market at the outdoor space in the two courtyards of the Kulturbrauerei in Berlin’s Prenzlauer Berg district. Have another beer at the Alexanderplatz. All sounds very beautiful to me. Been there?  why wait?As far as  I ‘m considered the only berlin-christmas thing I’ll do is the beer! Prost!!


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Winter Festival of Lights, Niagara falls

I always, always i mean always wanted to visit Niagara Falls and Canada in general . I think it’s a wonderful place full of beautiful things to see. Let alone to go there during Christmas Holidays  where everything is full of colours and everyone is smiling. Someday I will go and perhaps i will be lucky enough to visit the Niagara Falls at Christmas. If you are planning to go however, you can check out the CAA Winter Festival of Lights that this year will be held until 31st of December.Have fun and take a lot of pictures.You will get all the information you need at: niagara festival of lights

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Hogmanay 2011

A nice way  to spend your Christmas holidays is going to Edinburg and be part of the Hogmanay. Hogmanay is a Scottish word fo the last day of the year. A real celebration for the year to come with music, scotch and happy people.Believe me Scots know how to have fun. Hogmanay will be held from December 30 until January 2. Hope for those you are already there and for those who will go that you will have the greatest time. I will be jealous…

edinburgh hogmanay 2011

Mont Saint – Michel

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I accidentally saw pictures of this magnificent, beautiful place, Mont Saint – Michel ( St. Micheal’s Mount ). It is a tidal island somewhere in Normandy, France. I would really like to visit it some day, I think it really worth it. If there is anyone out there that knows any information or has been there already, why not share it!!!