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the stone roses – waterfall

David Bowie – heroes



David Bowie (respect). A really really great musician who i like very much and i think many of               you out there do too. In 1977 our dear David wrote a song along with Brian Eno, called ” Heroes”.           At  first  the song was released as a single and later it was included at the “Heroes” album.



The song is about two lovers who meet each other at the wall of shame, the Berlin wall.

Bowie named the track after the song “Hero” by the German band Neu!

It is no doubt one of Bowie’s greatest  hits although i personally                  believe  he has written greater ones, in terms of musical and artistic        value.



eurythmics – seX cRime 1984


Eurythmics (Annie Lenox and David Stewart) were formed in 1980.They were quite successful  in the 80s and perhaps their biggest hit is sweet dreams (are made of this).Nice song but i like sex crime better. SexCrime 1984 is found at the 1984(for the love of Big Brother) album. 


Sexcrime(1984) was used as a soundtrack to the film Nineteen eighty-four.

The film was an adaptation of George Orwell’s novel 1984.

The film, let alone the novel, describes a collectivist society whose         members are under mind-control, continuously observed and                 manipulated. The novel is one of the best political writings of  the           20th c.


you don’t know what love is

don’t worry , be HAPPY!!



Rumors or Fact? Is this the end of the White Stripes? Who knows more?And be certain. You don’t mess up with  this kind of music.