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Time has come for me to watch inception starring Leo Dicaprio. And i did. Did I?I remember watching the film but was i dreaming instead?Did i have a dream of watching inception or i watched the film? Maybe it was a dreamy film. No. Did i have a dream where i was dreamimg of watching the film? Was it a dream within a dream with severeal dreamy layers. God . I ‘m confused.


The Tourist

Hmmm. How should i put it now? Who thought that putting Angelina Jolie and Johnny Depp together in Venice makes a film good? Plot? Predictable. Performance? come again? Is it only the face and the body that makes an actress? How many close-ups of Angelina  do we have to see in the movie to forget the unbearable boredom? Why Johnny Depp gained so much weight and whose idea was it to hide his talent?Venice? Yeap that was nice. But we can watch a documentary about the City of Water.Thank you torrent – God i didn’t go to the cinema that rainy day!!


I also watched ” Wallander”  the British television series adapted  from the Swedish novelist Hennig Mankell’s  Kurt Wallander novels. The books about the peculiar Kurt Wallander are great. But so is the british series starring Kenneth Branagh. It ‘s all about mystery and crime investigation and all these happening at the town of Ystad.I trully recommend it both, the series and the books.

The Social Network

Did you like “The Social Network”? I wasn’t really thrilled about it. The film by David Fincher about how the Facebook got into our lives. About your lives actually ’cause i’m not really a Facebook person.So have you seen it? What did you think?  Is Mark Zuckerberg with no friends at all as they say?  Does he really cares when he is under 30 and already a billionaire?

The Conviction

Another film I watched is “The Conviction”  by Tony Goldwyn. The life of a working mother is totally changing when her brother is wrongfully convicted of murder. She does everything she can to help him. She even goes to law school in order to  become his lawyer. They face too many problems, but she manages at the end to prove  her brother’s innocence. Hilary Swank  is just amazing!The film was really sentimental not only because of the characters, the performance or the direction but also because it was based to a true story , that happened in the 1980s.

The Black Swan

Have you seen ” The Black Swan ” yet?Well. It was a nice film by Darren Aronofsky.  The film is about a ballet dancer who still lives with her obsessive compulsive mother that gives her a lot of stress. She is offered the lead in “Swan Lake” but although she is perfect for the gentle swan , the evil swan part is hard for her. Gradually, she finds the “bad” part of herself as she is trying to let the stress go. But at the end she becomes more like the evil swan…. I really liked Natalie Portman and Vincent Cassel. I ‘m not sure if i would categorize it under psychological thriller as they describe it but for sure it has a mysterious atmosphere.

Elizabeth Bathory, the Blood Countess

I watched the film ” Bathory” that was released on 2008 i think. mm, ok  nothing special.i don’t know if there are any other films made on that story. I  think the legend itself is more interesting than the film tried to show. The  story is about Elizabeth Bathory who was a Hungarian countess at 16th – 17th century. After losing her husband she lost her mind too. She had this  idea of killing hundrents of young woman and taking her bath inside of their  blood. This way , she believed, she would stay young and beautiful.

I guess the Dracula story is better.