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bOOze maRKet


Booze Cooperativa along with The Crafts Factory organize The Booze Market. It  is a kind of Bazaar where people will present their creations like, jewlery,  clothes, accessories or food. The Booze Market will be held at Booze , at 57  Kolokotroni st. Athens Greece, starting from this week – end 29 / 30/ 01 and    5/6,  12/12,  19/20/02.

For more information you can check :

booze cooperativa


APhF:10 athens photo festival

” Under the Bridge ” is the basic part of the annual photo festival in Athens, Greece. The festival is a continuation of the International Month of Photography which takes place in September. The APhF :10 exhibition is held at the Esplanade Building . Besides the photo exhibitions the festival also include, lectures,educational programs, volunteer center etc. For more information check : PhF:10

Edvard Munch

yesterday I visited the Herakleidon Museum, at Thissio, Athens, Greece. I      saw an exhibition of Edvard Munch’s works, there were about 80 works              from the collection of the Tel Aviv Museum. Munch was a Norwegian artist      and a pioneer of the Expressionist movement. He was born in the village of      Adalsbruk and  grew up in Oslo and from his early years of life he faced              death and sadness. His mother died from  tuberculosis at the age of 30 and       then his favourite sister Sophie dies too when Munch was 15. This tragedy       is obvious at his works like The sick Child and influenced him for the rest of    his life. Munch travelled and worked much at Berlin and Paris. He believed       that the paintings should reflect living and breathing people (although I ‘m not quite sure of that with all of this depression and death on his works) and not be and  just pretty faces with extreme details. He was more interested in feelings , in expressing his own feelings through his paintings. He also had an obsession with women and their hair. He liked painting women with long long hair often holding men with their hair. The thing I liked about the exhibition was that they did not rely on his most famous and known painting , The Scream. Actually the title of the exhibition is “Edvard Munch: Beyond the Scream”

Hearkleidon Museum

Edvard Munch Museum


you can also check out the film about Edvard Munch,a biographical film about the Norwegian painter,  written and diected by Peter Watkins.I personally haven’t seen it yet but if any one of you has send    your impressions.




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Abstract Expressionist New York


Another interesting exhibition is presented at the MoMa in New  York.  Abstract Expressionism. A powerful post world war II  art movement  emerged in the 40s and  50s in New York. A different style than the already  existed,  given by earlier  artists such as Picasso,  that offered a new  expression in painting and in arts.  The visitor will have the chance to  see  works of Jackson Pollock,  Mark  Rothko, Franz Kline and others.  The  exhibition wil be held until April 11th, 2011. For  more information                                                   you can  check :  MoMa

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The Eraser King Cnut

Thom Yorke (the radiohead) and Stanley Donwood (the band’s cover designer) have an excellent idea.  They invite 2000 people to be part of a human king cnut type image. A kind of human statue. This will take place November 27th, 11.00 at Brighton.  The specific action is a project of  the Earth 350 campaign. Why not?? Learn more and be part of it!



Henri Cartier – Bresson, the modern century

An amazing exhibition on Henri Cartier-Bresson’s works is held at the San Francisco’s Museum of Modern Art from October 30, 2010.  (san francisco MOMA ). Bresson is concidered to be the master of modern  photojournalism. He used 35 mm format and developed the street photography. No doubt, he is a great inspiration and influence for future photographers. The exhibition will be held until January 30, 2011. Don’t miss it!

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Bicycle Film Festival


The Bicycle Film Festival celebrates its 10th anniversary! It started in New York city founded by Brendt Barbur. A true celebration of urban movement and bicycle through film and music. The festival takes place in many countries all over the world. Athens, Greece        now will be a part of  it, as the Festival will be held in Michael                        Cacoyannis Foundation, 11-14 November 2010.  People willl have the  chance to watch films, like  “The Birth of Big Air“. or ” The Line of          Sight”, but they can also see a visual arts exhibition inspired by –       what  else ? – bicycle, called  SPOKED!

Productions like these  are more than  welcome! For more  information you can  visit
Bicycle Film Festival
Michael Cacoyannis  Foundation