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Children’s and Young Adults’ Book Fair

The 4th Children’s and Young Adults’ Book Fair is held by the National Book Centre of Greece and the Ministry of Culture, with the cooperation of children’ s book publishers and the Circle of the Greek Children’s Book. Children of all ages along with their parents will have the opppurtunity to explore books and enjoy themselves. There will be also seminars and lectures by teachers, child psychologists and educators about various subjects that interest professionals and parents .The fair will be held at HELEXPO center from the 28th to 31st of January 2011.


John Douglas

What comes in mind when you hear about profilers or criminal examination??  Please dont’ tell me that you are thinking about CSI Miami  – CSI New York or any  other city’s CSI or how great Horatio looks when he catches the killer. NO NO NO!  There is this retired FBI profiler , John Douglas. One of the first persons who got  involved with criminal psychology.I am not saying that forensic and criminal  psychology owe their existence to him and that investigators today follow his steps. Forensic science is much more than that. But i prefer reading his books than watching a silly t.v. series.  I personally have read 3 of his book.s Man Down, Broken Wings and Inside the mind of serial killers. I really enjoyed reading them and i absolutely recommend them. If you are the kind of person who wants the light on to sleep find something else to read.

Manhattan Freud by Luc Bossi


A  rich and famous architect is found murdered at his house in Manhattan.The only witness  to the murder is his daughter , but she is anable to give any information to the police, as she is suffering from amnesia. At the same time the famous Viennese psychologist Sigmund Freud happens to be in New York with his good student Carl Yung. The two men will be called to offer their services and apply the therapeutic method of psychoaanalysis to the young woman. They will be faced  with a great challenge : to penetrate the soul of a mass murderer.

The book is brilliant!!It is based on a historical event, the journey that  Freud and Yung took in New York  in 1909. Sigmund Freud was invited to give a series of lectures at the American Universities and discuss his theory of Psychoanalysis. Bossi combines historical information with fiction and the result is this magnificent book. I totally recomment it!


ian rankin

OK. Close your eyes for a moment and think of Edinburgh. (what do you mean you’ve never been there? plan your trip now) What comes in mind? Whiskey? Thistle? The Hearts? Waverly station? Fudge? Princes Street? Fringe Festival? My friend Clodagh who’s expecting her second baby? What? The right answer is all of the above and John Rebus!! Yeap! Ian Rankin’s famous detective! Well done Mr. Rankin! You made us sleep late at nights reading your books! But we forgive you because you put your detective listening to Mogwai in his car on the way to investigate crime scenes.Looking forward for your latest book “The Complaints”. Cheers!

p.s. want to find out more about Ian Rankin??check out his site