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Cause of Death : euthanasia

A very interesting exhibition is presented at the Benaki Museum, Athens, Greece, Cause of Death : Euthanasia: works from the Prinzhorn Collection. The exhibition presents works from the Prinzhorn Collection of the Psychiatric Clinic of the University of  Heidelberg. The visitors will be able to see 96 works made by 18 artists that were mental patients. These patients and many more were victims of the euthanasia programme of the Nazis during 1939-1944.The patients mainly suffering from schizophrenia or severe depression were expressing their frustrations and feelings by drawing and painting. One could easily diagnose that something is different just by observing the works of art, which some of them could be characterized as brilliant. The exhibition will be held until March 13, 2011 and is organized by the Hellenic Psychiatric Association along  with the Benaki Museum and the Goethe Institute.


Hans Prinzhorn (1886-1933) was a doctor and an art historian. After World War I, Prinzhorn took  paintings  from several psychiatric institutions and he managed to create the Heidelberg collection.  The most positive outcome of his effort was that the so far marginalized “mad” patients were  progressively socially accepted. The “mad” art was at the center of attention as well as the people  evolved  who  were treated not just like  insane patients but human beings. Art  and psychiatry were  combined and became a strong unity against politics of that period who were the true insane .



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sand drawing


absolutely amazing!!!there is this festival the Bregenzer Festival in Austria. It takes place at the lake Constance , on the Rhine , which is actually situated in Germany , Austria and Switzerland. They have a floating stage with 7.000 seats  which is over water on the shores of Lake Constance. The programme includes opera, concerts, drama and many other art performances.The festival was founded in 1946 and each year many people visit it .It is held at summer, around July and August. I know outside it’s snowing and it’s cold but I liked so much i couldn’t help it, not writing about it. You can find more information about it on bregenzer festspiele .

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Michelangelo :the drawings of a genius

At the same gallery in Vienna, another significant exhibition is presented with the drawings of Michelangelo. The exhibition, Michelangelo : the drawings of  a genius, will be held until January 9,  2011. The works that the visitors will see are mainly studies of the human body. For more information about this exhibition and the Picasso exhibition check again at albertina

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Picasso :peace and freedom

Starting from Semptember 22nd, The Albertina Gallery in Vienna presents an interesting exhibition on Picasso, called Picasso :peace and freedom. The visitors will have the chance to see drawings and paintings of the great painter. The exhibition will be held until 16 January 2011.


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Art’s beauty is its diversity among others. Art Brut is an unconvetional and unusual form of art, starting from the people engaged to it. The artists of the  specific form  are inmates in psychiatric institutions, having mental and disorders or people who have just no connection to art but they strive to create.

Art Brut was initially introduced by the French artist Jean Dubuffet. He had a special interest and     focus on the works of inmates.  In 1921 Dr. Walter Morgenthaler published a book, A psychiatric  Patient as an Artist. The book was about Adolf Wolfi, a psychotic patient who used to paint                   as a  relaxation technique .His work is huge including collages and paintings which can now be found at   the Adolf Wolfi Foundation, in the Museum of Fine Art, Bern.








Another interesting case , was that of the schizophrenic William Kurelek ,who  is best known for his work The Maze.



Other people, mainly inmates or suffering from whatever mental illness, who used Art Brut  and gave terrific works are:


Madge Gill. She was painting with the
guidance of a spirit that she called
Myrninerest (my inner rest)

Ferdidand   Cheval.He was a postman
that driven by a dream he spent 33
years in making the Palais Ideal.

Martin Ramirez.A Mexican
outsider artist, suffering from
paranoid schizophrenia.
Later on, the term was changed by the art critic Roger Cardinal. He introduced the term Outsider Art. This change made other people get involve with Art Brut.  Not only psychiatric inmates, but  as is the case until now, everyone can perform Art Brut, even  though there is no art knowledge at  all. This is the essence. Even people living outside the margins can perform Art Brut. Many of these works come from people who have extreme ideas and are unconventional or they express fantastic worlds.

From 2000 the EUWARD has been established, which is the European Art Award for painting and graphic arts by artists who have a who have a mental handicap.




Outsider art has become very popular already.

From 1992 we have the Outsider Art Fair in New York




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APhF:10 athens photo festival

” Under the Bridge ” is the basic part of the annual photo festival in Athens, Greece. The festival is a continuation of the International Month of Photography which takes place in September. The APhF :10 exhibition is held at the Esplanade Building . Besides the photo exhibitions the festival also include, lectures,educational programs, volunteer center etc. For more information check : PhF:10