Oh God! I’m so tired writing this post right now!! Wish I could sleep but I can’t!!I have to finish this f***g paper on time! Have you ever said any of these words?Do you have headaches more often? Are you not that cheerful these days? Do you wanna sleep but all that you can think of is work?Are you frustrated??Well, Sorry to be the first to tell you but you may suffer from Burnout!! Don’t worry. It’s something really common. Let’s look at this picture.  She is obviously not well. She could be you!!And she needs vacation.NOW.Burnout is that state after a long long period of stress and exhaustion, physical and emotional. You are continuously tired, with no mood, frustrated , sleepy, but somehow you keep working. You dont’ see your friends, apathy is all over you. All  these symptoms could mean nothing or something else. But it could be quite possible that burnout is at your door. It is more common in certain professions like doctors, nurses, drivers, moms with 5 kids and a selfish husband or a sexton.




So take a look at the mirror. If you look like the guy here then do something. Call your friends, stop taking work at home, go for a trip , sleep!!! And quit drinking coffees. At least drink less than 5 a day!!!









Good Luck!! And remember   superman is just a comic hero. Does not exist!!! It’s ok not be able to do everything perfect.





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