January 17th




January 17, 1798

Auguste Comte is born. Comte was a French philosopher. He is said to be the founder of  the discipline of sociology f  and the doctrine of positivism. Comte believed that  positive philosophy could heal the wounds from the French Revolution and he strongly believed in a new paradigm based on sciences.





January 17, 1899

Al Capone is born. He was the famous Italian – American gangster and the leader of a crime syndicate in Chicago  from  1920s until 1931.He was convicted for income tax invasion.






January 17, 1904

Cherry Orchard by Anton Chekhov is first presented at the Moscow Art Theatre.





January 17, 1929

Popeye the Sailor man , created by Elzie Segar is first presented at the Thimble Theatre comic strip.





January 17, 1942

Muhammad Ali is born. Ali is was one of the most famous American boxers and most known in the world  and three t    time World Heavyweight Champion.


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