Album covers (part 3)

Physical Graffiti.It’s a classic. If you claim to be a serious record collector and you don’t have this album in your collection, well guess what. You’re not a serious collector.Including songs-diamonds like Kashmir, The Rover and Houses of the Holy, Led Zeppelin released this album in February 24, 1975.The album designer was Peter Corriston and it ‘s a photograph of  a New York tenement block with interchanging windows illustrations. The building is at 96-98 St. Mark’s Place in New York.The LP includes four covers made up of two inners , a middle insert cover and an outer cover. The inner covers show various objects and people (Robert Plant and Richard Cole are also shown ) on each window. Physical Graffiti was nominated for a Grammy award for best album package in 1976.



The Wall. A double album, released in 1979 by Pink Floyd. What more to say about this?? Theatrical effects, several sounds, experimentations, you name it. A true master piece and i know J.would aggree with me. The cover of the album is a wall. Simple as that.The album ‘s sleeve art labels  cartoonist Gerald Scarfe , having each of the four sides showing the  wall in different phases of construction, accompanied by characters from the story.





A different theory about how heaven looks like or how it should be. Heaven and Hell by Black Sabbath was released in 1980.The cover actually is a painting by Lynn Curlee called Smoking Angels. Nothing is so angelic after all. It seems that Van Halen got jealous and he used the same idea in his “1984” album showing an angel holding a cigarette.   





Sticky Fingers was released by Rolling Stones in 1971.It was no 63 on Rolling Stone’s magazine 500 greatest albums of all time. Not bad.Andy Warhol got this idea of having a real zipper on the cover.The artwork was photographed by Billy Name and the designer was Craig Braun. It is said that many people were the models of that picture wearing the tight jeans and some believe that it’s Mick Jagger. Who knows?The zipper was damaging the vinyl and so it was unzipped to the middle of the cover so the damage was less.




Another one by Pink Floyd. Wish you were here was the ninth studio album Pink Floyd released in 1975.The cover is perhaps oes of the most recognizable pictures. Two men shaking hands , the one is on fire. This is the idea that people are afraid to express their feelings, they hide them out of fear of getting burned. Two stuntmen were used (Ronnie Rondell and Danny Rogers) and they were photographed at the Warner Bros Studios in Los Angeles.



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