January 14th





January 14, 1742

Edmond Halley dies. He was an English scientist, mathematician an astronomer who is known for  computing the orbit of the Halley’s comet.




January 14, 1883

Maria Nielli or mostly known Nina Ricci is born.S he was the famous Italian fashion designer.




January 14, 1900

Tosca by Giacomo Puccini premieres in Rome.





January 14, 1957

Humphrey Bogart dies. He was an American actor and a great star of the American cinema.One of the  most great movies we ‘ve seen him is Casablanca.


January 14, 1966

David Jones records his first song ” Can’t help thinking about me” . The same day changes his name to David Bowie so he ‘s not confused to David Jones of  ” The Monkees ” band.





January 14, 1975

Lesley Wittle is kidnapped by Donald Neilson, known as the Black Panther.


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