Album covers (part 2)

I will be honest with you. It’s not about the cover i chose this album although it’s nice and    simple.It’s the album  i just couldn’t resist, i had to write something about it. Teenage riot is  included what else do you need??Now. let’s focus. Sonic Youth released this album in 1988.  The cover shows a 1983 painting by Gerhard Richter called Kerze , meaning the candle.



Sgt.Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band. I think it’s the 8th album by Beatles released in 1967. In  this album we hear orchestras and experimentations and music elements from jazz and rock n  roll and a little something for everyone. A brilliant album actually! Well done Beatles. Now. The cover.Robert Frazer was the art-director of the album, Peter Blake and Jann Haworth were the designers and Micheal Cooper was the photographer. The cover is a collage of cardboard models of famous people. You can also see Beatles themselves wearing Manuel Cuevas suits. But who are all these people?At the front row there are Shirley Temple , Diana Dors, Marlene Dietrich,Bobby Breen, The Beatles, Albert Einstein, again The Beatles as wax models.

At the top row we find  Sri Yukteswar Giri (a guru ),  Aleister Crowley, Mae West, Lenny Bruce,W. Fields, Carl Jung, E.A.Poe, Fred Astaire, Richard Merkin, The Vargas Girl, Huntz Hall,  Bob Dylan and Simon Rodia.

At the second row we see  Sir Robert Peel, Aubrey Beardsley, A.Huxley, Dylan  Thomas, T.Southern, Dion, Tony Curtis, Wallace Berman, Tommy Handley, Marilyn Monroe, W.S Burroughs, Stan Laurel, Oliver Handy, Richard Lindner, Karl Marx, H.G. Wells, Sigmund Freud.

At the third row we see Stuart Sutcliffe, Max Miller, A Petty Girl by George Petty, Marlon Brando, Oscar Wilde,Tom Mix, Tyrone Power, Dr, David Livingstone, Larry Bell, Johnny Weissmuller, Stephen Crane, G.B.Shaw, H.Westermann,Lewis Carrol, T.E.Lawrence, Albert Stubbins.

This is what i call a crowd. Sorry if i missed someone.


Hotel California by The Eagles was released in 1976. It was their fifth album ( i think) and sold  million of copies. The cover shows the Beverly Hills Hotel shot by David Alexander. The real album   cover  was shot at the Lido in Hollywood.




Rage against the machine released in 1992. They are quite powerful in music and lyrics, Now the specific album made an impression because of its cover. It is a  photograph by Associated Press correspondent Malcolm Browne    showing  Vietnamese Buddhist monk,Thich Quang Duc, burning himself to death in Saigon in 1963. The monk was protesting against the president Ngo Dinh Diem for oppressing  Buddhists. J.F.Kennedy then withdrawed his support to Ngo Dinh Diem and his government.
 you like fruits?

b. are you a vegetarian?

c. do you like music?

d. all of the above

If you choose d, then velvet underground is your band.

Velvet Underground and Niko ( ’cause it’s always a woman behind a man) was released in 1967.The cover is an Andy Warhol print of a banana. Who knows?Maybe Andy while he was enjoying himself at Studio 54 had a strange inspiration.


to be continued…


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