Album covers (part 1)

Do you know any album covers that you really, really like?? Albums that you prefer looking at their cover and you are proud of having them in your record collection???Well, some of them are nice or weird and some records have a great cover but, thank God are also great listening to. Let’s check out some.


Of course. Nirvana and their second album Nevermind.It was released on September 24, 1991  and just blew our minds. Smells like teen spirit, Lithium, Come as you are, are some of the  songs that we still listen to and wonder what Cobain was thinking of when he was writing them.  Its cover is something to talk about. A cute swimming  baby, named Spencer Elden,and a  hooked dollar were enough to grasp people’s attention.  

Nirvana hired a photographer Kirk Weddle whose friends Renata and Rick had a baby,  Spencer. The rest is history.



I mean .. what were you thinking?? Was it the sexual revolution of the ’60s? Was it the passion  between them? Didn’t they have any clothes?? Were they so proud of their bodies??Too much  marijuana that day? For sure this album represents the naked truth of the couple. The  Unfinished Music No 1: Two Virgins was released in 1968 by these two naked models. It ‘s all  about musical experimentation by Lennon who wrote in his studio at Kenwood. Some things  are  better left for ourselves.




Our girl Polly. P.J.Harvey is one of my favourite musicians. Great songs, great personality  although in one of her concerts I have attended in Athens, Greece she only sang for 40 minutes.  Why Polly??? Anyway.Harvey released her second album Rid of me in April 1993. We can’t say  that Polly is a Victoria Secret model, but she has this something that makes her charming.At  this album cover Polly is topless swinging her hair. The photo was shot by Maria Mochnacz, at  her own bathroom.



In the Court of Crimson King, the album by King Crimson released in 1969.Nice album  containing the songs like 21st century Schizoid Man and Epitaph. The album cover has no  particular history behind it but it is a cover that once you look at it you can’t forget .It was  created by a computer programmer called Barry Godber who died of a heart attack , after the  album was released. I’m sure it has nothing to do with the album or the cover.



David David David. You and your ideas. Personally I think you are one of the greatest  musicians ever. Although I believe that inventing Ziggy Stardust had a huge impact on your  personality and not only your music .A good thing for your songs and our ears but also a good  thing for therapists.The Diamond Dogs album was released in 1974 and had a great influenced  from “1984”, the magnificent work by George Orwell.Now, the cover shows Bowie being half  man  half dog. It was created by the Belgian artist Guy Peellaert.


to be continued…


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