January 4th





January 4th, 1809

Louis Braille s born.He was the founder of the worldwide “braille’ system that is used by the  blind and the visually impaired people.



January 4th, 1884

The Fabian Society, a British socialist movement,  is founded in London.





January 4th, 1901

Nikolaos Gyzis dies. He was one of the greatest painters of Greece in 19thc.and one of the major representatives of the Munich School.





January 4th, 1960

Albert Camus dies. He was a French Algerian author and  pilosopher.He was also the founder  of the Group for International Liaisons. Some of his known works are The Stranger, The Fall, The Plague and more.



January 4th, 1960

Micheal Stipe is born .An American singer and the lead vocalist of R.E.M.


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