January 2nd





January 2nd, 1860

The Academie des Sciences in Paris announces the discovery of planet Vulcan.




January 2nd, 1920

Isaac Asimov is born. He was an American author, a professor of biochemistry at Boston University  and most famous for his science fiction books.



January 2nd, 1938

Ian Brandy is born. The British serial killer who, along with Myra Hindley, carried out the Moors  Murders in Greater Manchester, England.




January 2nd, 1959

Luna 1 is launched by the  USSR and was  the first spacecraft to reach the vicinity of the Moon and  to orbit the Sun.



January 2nd, 1971

66 people are killed at the Rangers – Celtic football game ( the Ibrox disaster ).




January  2nd, 2004

Stardust flies past comet wild 2.



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