December 29th




December 29th, 1940

The Second Great Fire of London in WW II.The Luftwaffe  fire bombs London and 200 people were  killed.






December 29th, 1946

Marianne Faithfull is born. She is an award-winning British singer known not only for her  songs but  for  her relationship with Mick Jagger too.



December 29th, 1961

Jim Reid is born.He is a Scottish lead singer of Jesus and Mary Chain.



December 29th, 1966

The Beatles start recordings what later would become the hit Penny Lane at the Abbey Road  Studio.



December 29th, 1986

Andrei Tarkovsky dies. The most important Russian film director and one of the greatest directors of the word cinema. Solaris, Nostalgia, The Mirror, Stalker are some of hos great movies.His films are characterized by long shots, metaphysical themes, and a magnificent photography.




December 29th, 1997

Hong Kong starts  killing 1.25 million chickens in order to prevent a potentially deadly  influenza strain.


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