December 28th




December 28th, 1836

South Australia and Adelaide are founded.




December 28th, 1879

The central part of The Tay Rail Bridge in Dundee, Scotland collapses as a train passes over it,  causing the death of 75 people.



December 28th, 1888

Friedrich Wilhelm “F. W.” Murnau is born. He was one of the greatest German film directors of    the silent era and a major figure of the expressionist movement of the 1920s. Some of his  works are : Nosferatu, a symphony of horror, Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hide, Evening – Night Morning ,  Faust, Sunrise and more.



December 28th, 1895

The  Lumiere Brothers have their first paid audience at the Grande Cafe in boulevard de    Capucines.




December 28th, 1969

Linus Benedict Torvalds is born. He is a Finnish software engineer best known for developing    the Linux kernel and the git revision control system.



December 28th, 1996

Dystos tragical shipwreck near the island of Kymi causing the death of 20 people. From this tragical  event there was only 1 survivor.


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