December 24th




December 24th, 1524

Vasco da Gama dies. He was a Portuguese explorer, the fist to sail directly from Europe to India.





December 24th, 1818

Franz Gruber , an Austrian composer, composes the famous Silent Night.




December 24th, 1886

Michael Curtiz is born. He was a Hungarian – American director mostly known from Casablanca. He  has also directed The White Christmas, The Adventures of Robin Hood etc.





December 24th, 1935

Alban Berg dies. He was an Austrian composer known for his works Lulu and Wozzeck.




December 24th, 1960

The great Greek composer Mikis Theodorakis composes music for one of the most significant works of Odysseas Elytis  ” Axion Esti” .



December 24th, 1975

Bernard Herrmann dies. He was an American composers who has collaborated with  Hitchcock  in many of his films, like  Psycho, The Man who knew too much , North by  Northwest and Vertigo.


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