December 19th



December 19th, 1910

Jean Genet is born. He was  a French novelist and essayist and one of the greatest playlist of all  times. Some of his well-known works include The Maids , Our Lady of the Flowers, The Balcony ,  The Blacks and more.He writtings emphasize moral issues against criminal actions and the struggle  between outcasts and their oppressors.



December 19th, 1915

Edith Piaf is born. She was a French singer and generally a world musical and cultural icon.She had a characteristic voice and is still remembered  for her No, je ne regerette de rien, or La Vie en Rose.




December 19th, 1915

Dr. Alois Alzheimer is born.He was a German Psychiatrist and neuropathologist. He has  identified the first published case of presenile dementia that was later identified as Alzheimer’s  disease.



December 19th, 1955

Carl Perkins records his great hit Blue Suede Shoes.




December 19th, 1971

One of the most significant films by Stanley Kubrick A Clockwork Orange premieres.The film was an  adaptation of Anthony Burgess’s1962 novel of the same name.The film through violent scenes and  images comments psychiatry, youth gangs and political and societal issues of that time in Britain.



December 19th, 1998

The Lewinsky scandal.



December 19th, 2001

Argentine economic crisis.The financial frustrations that the people of Argentina suffered for  long ended up in big riots  at Buenos Aires.


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