Christmas Blues

Have you ever felt like throwing the Christmas tree down? Have you ever wished that Wham had never written that silly song ” Last christmas I gave you my heart”?. Do you feel Christmas is the worst period of the year? Don’t take it personally but you may experience Christmas Depression. Many people feel it. Christmas Depression appears simply because there are the christmas rules that some people cannot follow. These rules say that you have to give and get presents. That you need to go out with your friends, have fun, eat dinner with your family. But what about the people who don’t have friends or have a death in their family or they cannot afford presents!! Well, my guess is that these people will have  a mild christmas depression.




Here are some tips so you won’t break the Silent Night Holy Night CD. Have realistic expectations and goals. It ‘s just holidays! Talk to friends that you haven’t heard from for long time.Buy small presents or make your own. Be creative anyway.Try to enjoy each day.Have in mind that after holidays you will get back to your reality and they won’t be anylights in the office. You won’t be arrested if you have fun. Besides you have to fight for your right to party like the song says. And don’t worry it’s just Christmas.



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