Hello Dr. Freud (part 6)

Our dear friend with the white beard (not Santa!Freud!! focus!!!!) has  introduced many many many more things and theories for discussion.He  has  stressed the importance of childhood in one’s development , he talked about  sex and libido and death instincts and dreams and all these wonderful things .He  wasn’t always right but he opened a whole new chapter about a  person’s  personality.

Of course , there are criticisms.Freud was obsessed with his psychosexual  development stages and he forgot about societal influences. He talked too  much about sex. Sex sex sex ok Sigmund we got it!! But there are other things  too you know!          


He developed his theories while examining and talking  mostly with women of the high class society. They could afford the psychoanalytical sessions with the famous Austrian Dr. Can you imagine people of that period of time who faced hunger, plague, death to think ” oh! i feel hysteric , i don’t have anything to eat and i have fever but why not visiting Feud to talk about my childhood?” So you see the sample was not representative and reliable.

However we love Freud for his own little neuroses and for the ideas he introduced.

The End.


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