Hello Dr. Freud (part 5)

More on Defence Mechanisms…

Regression. How many times haven’t you thought that  life was much simpler when we were kids? How many times  in the case of an anxiety  haven’t you dreamt of your old  bedroom and homemade cookies? No worries. Nothing ‘s  wrong with you. It is just regression.Our fear to act like  adults and our wish to return to our childhood where  everything was taking care of magically.





Repression. Don’t get confused! It’s a P not a G like above. Some experiences and emotions are quite painful  we don’t want them around us. So, we involuntarily exclude them from our memory awareness. Think of women or children  who have been abused for example. That’s hard. We decide that such images do not exist nowhere inside our head.




Suppression. Ok. You are in the middle of an exam. Too much pressure. But tomorrow there will be this great party. No not now! Don’t think about the party now.Concentrate on the exam. Suppress it!!! It is a kind of voluntary repression.It is a way to control yourself and reduce the anxiety by pushing away any thoughts .



Our dear Dr. Freud talked about the types of Defence Mechanisms Like Reaction Formation, where we kind of  say the exact opposite of what we believe just because it makes less anxious. Perhaps Humor is a nice type of defence mechanism. It doesn’t hurt it’s easy . you can impress other people and it actually works.

to be continued…


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