songs on schizophrenia

There are songs strangely inspired. Artists can write about a million things and inspiration is always welcome. Here are some songs about schizophrenia , this cute condition that is not that evil as most people think and only knowledge we convince use for the opposite.

1.        Schizophrenia by Sonic Youth.  RESPECT.

2.       Schizophrenia by The Jakes.

3.       Schizophrenia  by Blue October.

4.      Schizophrenia by Brokencyde. ( take it easy guys!!)

5.     Schizophrenia’s weighted me down by Cat Power.

6.     I’m schizophrenic (no i’m not) by  The New Duncan Imperials.

7.    Schizophrenia  by The Wedding.

8.   Schizophrenia by Jukebox the ghost.

9.   Chronic Schizophrenia by Wesley Willis (maybe i’m wrong, but wasn’t he a schizophrenic himself ?).

10. Schizophrenia by John Manning.

11.  Acute schizophrenia Paranoia  Blues by The Kinks.

the list  maybe short,so if you have any ideas on the subject, inform  me!



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