December 12th




December 12th, 1531

Nostra Senora de Guadalupe ( our lady of Guadalupe ). According to tradition, a peasant in    Juan Diego saw a vision of a young woman on the hill of Tepeyak, near Mexico city.He      informed the bishop and three days later the image of Mary appeared miraculously on his cloak.



December 12th, 1792

Beethoven at the age of 22 gets his first lesson in music composition from  Joseph Chaidn.



December 12th, 1863

The not so cheerful norwegian painter Edvard Munch is born. Mainly known for his work  The Scream, Munch was an important expressionist and printmaker.




December 12th, 1913

The famous Mona Lisa returns to the Louvre Museum from where it was stolen in 1911.





December 12th, 1915

Francis Albert “Frank” Sinatra, n America singer and actor is born.





December 12th, 1957

Jerry Lee Lewis  leaves his first wife and gets married to his 13-years old cousin,  Mira  Gail Brown.


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