Hello Dr. Freud (part 4)

Our self  is not an idiot.( Don’t listen to other people.They’re just saying it out of jealousy!)  We don’t wanna get hurt or feel sad. We need to have balance and be happy all the time. And  there is another way for this besides alcohol and hallucinogens (don’t do it!!)

It’s called Defence mechanisms.

Freud believed that a person can cope with stress, either real or not, by performing certain actions. These actions are Defence Mechanisms that keep our Ego safe.We all do it and we all have our favourite ones either we realise it or not. Because most of the times our defence alarm goes on and off unconsciously.( we are talking about master Freud here. unconscious is everywhere )

There are quite a few types of defence mechanisms.but lets start with the basics.

Denial. The king of defence mechanisms.  We refuse to accept reality because it   hurts, or we don’t like it,it doesn’t suit us.So , we low our stress levels simply by refusing the situation. It is the most common reaction in case of illness. ” I don’t have cancer. You gave me the wrong results. that’s not me”.  However, when the denial is over, and we accept reality no matter what, we are closer to solve the problems.

Displacement. It usually starts from the office and ends in  the house. It occurs when we cannot deal directly with  whatever or whoever threatens us an we express ou anxiety  to someone less threatening. For example,It is easier for us  to be angry to our child who is younger, innocent than to deal our problems with our boss who is just pissing off every day.

Rationalization. We do it often when we convince ourselves that it’s ok when it’s not and  we use false reasoning. Simply, it’s making excuses. ” Oh, it’s ok!! I really hate this place  that my friends brought me but it is a new experience actually. I like it”.

Sublimation. It’s when we transform our negative emotions or instincts, mainly,  to  acceptable behavior and positive actions. For example we all know that Dexter’s  death instinct is a bit more intense but he became a blood expert and he helps the  police to solve murders. Good job Dexter!

Projection. Sometimes the anxiety is great and it all comes from our behaviour, our actions. But it sucks to admit it. So, we project our failure or thoughts to the external world. ” It ‘s not my fault, you made me  do it !”.

to be continued…


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