Leoben, Styria , Austria

How many of you make plans for the Christmas Holidays?Maybe a 5-star hotel?? Lucky you!What about Austria?All that snow and beer sounds good.There is a place in Styria, Austria called Leoben,

Looks nice don’t you think??






Here is a 5-star hotel??? For sure it is luxurious but it’s not a hotel as it may seems.  It  is a prison. Yeap. People there have a different meaning for rehabilitation and  justice.  I don’t know what kind of criminals are sent there but isn’t weird??Hey,  I  am a  burglar, hey I shot someone, oh!! I don’t pay my taxes. Ok see you at the cool  prison for tea. It seems that in Leoben took  human rights to the next level.  I  don’t  say that criminals should be sent in hell (although i would mind for the pedophiles) but look at it !!!! Is this a jail for real???




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