December 7th





December 7th, 1928

Avram Noam Chomsky is born. He is an American linguist, cognitive scientist  and professor, political activist .Chomsky is  one of the fathers of the modern linguistics.



December 7th, 1941

The attack on Pearl Harbor during WWII.The Imperial Japanese Navy attacks the US Pacific  Fleet and its Army Air Forces and Marine Air Forces at Pearl Harbor, Hawaii.



December 7th, 1949

Tom Waits is born.An American siger, actor and composer. He has a characteristic voice and he is into jazz, bues and rock music.He was nominated for an Academy Award for his music on One from the heart.



December 7th, 1972

The last Apollo moon mission, Apollo 17, is launched. The crew takes a photograph as they  leave the Earth, which is known as the Blue Marble.


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