Hello Dr. Freud (part 3)


Freud continued seeing patients with all kinds of problems and situations, insomnia, hysteria,                  phobias, anxieties, dark secrets and all these lovely things for wich he gave a psychological                          interpretation. And then, the next big revolution came.

The unconscious. Freud suggested that the mind should be thought as having different levels of        consciousness, giving emphasis on the unconscious (that was actually his favourite!!).He said that we  have our unconscious level. This is the state that  cannot be controlled by the consciousness or by reason. Then, we have the subconscious where we hide  our darkest wishes and fears. It is not necessary that our secrets will come into light , that we are conscious about them. No. they can stay there hidden forever, although some time small bits of sin will pop out in our behaviour.This is the phase that subconscious becomes conscious and we are fully aware of the painful feelings and traumatic memories that we tried so hard to keep them deep in our minds but we did an awful job. Sometimes we can pull them out using techniques such as hypnosis.


This theory of the mind and consciousness having three levels bla bla bla… created         our three best friends. Id  , Ego  , Superego! We knew them when we were young, we         love them, we carry them , and even if sometimes they break our nerves we cant’ get       rid of them simply because they are us. Our personality.  Freud said that our                       personality is consisted by these three fellows  that can shape our behaviour to a  great extend.

ID is the nasty one. The part that all our wishes, needs and desires exist and they have    to be fulfilled no matter what!I want it i have to have it, simple as that.

SUPEREGO. How beautiful our life would be if only had we Id. But there is superego.  The  part of our personality that includes all we have learnt from school , family,  society,  rules, morals. Superego lets say is the nerd  one. The little bell that rings  inside our heads when  we have something immoral or bad thing to do or something that we just are not allowed to do.

EGO. This is actually us, A combination of Id and Superego, the face that we actually show . We know our needs but we also know that there is a certain  way to satisfy them. And so we achieve balance.

At this moment, my Id craves for chocolate. And i really don’t care about what my Superego says.

to be continued…


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