December 6th




December 6th, 1768

The first edition of the Encyclopaedia Britannica is published.




December 6th, 1876

Heinrich Schliemann discovers the palace of Mycenae.




December 6th, 1877

Thomas Edison records one of the first recordings of a human voice reciting “Mary Had a Little  Lamp”.



December 6th, 1892

The Tchaikovsky ‘s famous ballet ” Nutcracker”premieres in St.Petesburg.




December 6th, 2006

NASA reveals photographs taken by Mars Global Surveyor stating that there s liquid water on  Mars.



December 6th, 2008

Huge riots, destroying big part of Athens center resulting from the murder of a 15 year  old boy (Alexandros Grigoropoulos) by a police officer.


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