December 3rd





December 3rd, 1911

Nino Rota is born. An Italian composer, best known for his film compositions. He worked with  Federico Fellini and Luscino Visconti. He also worked with Franco Zeffirelli in his Shakespear films  and with Francis Ford Coppola in the first two films of The Godfather’s trilogy.For the later, he actually received an Academy Award for best score in 1974.


December 3rd, 1912

The first Balkan War. The naval battle of Elli takes place.



December 3rd, 1919

Pierre  – Auguste Renoir is born. A famous French artist, a capable painter who introduced the  movement of Impressionism.




December 3rd, 1930

Jean – Luc Godard is born. He is a French -Swiss film director, screen writer and critic. He belongs to the group of filmpmakers who are known as the Nouvelle Vague (new wave). Some of his films are Une Femme est une femme, Alphaville, Pierrot de fou,  Masculin Feminin:15  faits precis.




December 3rd, 1947

Tennessee Williams’ masterpiece  A Streetcar named Desire premieres in New York.


December 3rd, 1984

The Bhopal gas Disaster, a huge industrial catastrophe. A methyl isocyanate leak from a Union  Carbide pesticide plant in Bhopal, India. More than 3.800 people were killed and 150.000- 600.00o were injured.



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