Hello Dr. Freud (part 2)

When thinking of Freud’s theory there are many concepts that need  to be explained. Let us refer to  the basic ones. Freud is linked to Psychoanalysis which he started  developing around 1896.  Psychoanalysis is the ” talking cure”  It is the investigation of subconscious which leads to therapy.He  used to put his patients lie on the famous sofa, performing  free association,

the technique where the patient  is talking about whatever he/she   wants  with no specific order.

Another significant part of Freud’s theory is his idea of how a person developes through life. (too many concepts.no wonder he used cocaine!).Our dear Dr.Freud presented the Psychosexual stages  of development , so all you future neurotics have hope.

The idea is that from the moment we are born until our death we pass through different stages,  each having different characteristics. If we successfully complete these phases we are normal  and useless for any psychologist. If we get stuck (Freud calls this fixation)to any of this stage ,  then we need to  save money, find a good doctor because problems are on their way!!!


For example, the most famous fixation is when you get stuck on the phallic stage and then  there is great possibility that as you grow older you will have the Oedipus Complex.( named after the greek tragedy Oedipus by Sophocles). What Freud claims is that children of this stage (4-7 years old)have a really rough time. Boys like their mother and hate their father because he can have her. So, the  boy dreams to kill his father and marry his mother.


The same remarkable imagination have girls, too (Electra Complex.) They hate their father and they are attached to their father. Great Greek plays inspire great thinkers and we cannot enjoy our neurosis without guilt!

to be continued…


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