Hello Dr. Freud (part 1)

Sigmund Freud. The professor, the psychoanalyst, the man with the beard and the  cigar, the man who made the couch part of a therapeutic process, the man who is either  loved or hated, either way , the man who is surely widely recognized. Let’s discuss a  little bit more about him.

Freud was born on 6 May 1856, in Freiburg, Moravia.He was the first child of eight. His  mother , Amalia, was his father’s, Jacob, second wife and she was 21 years old when she gave birth to Sigmund. Sigmund had also 6 younger sisters and two older brothers from his father’s first wife. 


Quite a complicated family! A good explanation for why Freud came up with psychoanalysis later on!

In 1860 they move to Vienna. In 1873 Freud begins his medical studies at the University of Vienna and he will be studying there until 1881.He is very much interested in histology, neurophysiology and the nervous system.

It was about that time that Freud meets Martha Bernays and they fall in love (at last!  Freud at the age of 26 he falls in love with a woman). They were engaged for four  years(although Martha’s mother didn’t really appreciated Freud’s ambitions to become a  scientist.

During 1884-7 Freud studies the cocaine’s consequences.He did that on himself and he was  actually in favor of using it, pushing his friends to try it when in pain (don’t try it!! we are  talking about different eras!!).

At 1885-6 Freud spent 19 weeks at Paris with Charcot making a research on hyteria. It was at about  that time where Freud started making  thoughts on psychology and its role on sickness and disease.

to be continued…


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