November 24th






November 24th, 1632

Baruch Spinoza is born. He was a Jewish philosopher of Dutch origin and one of the greatest  rationalists of the 17th century.



November 24th,1826

Carlo Lorenzini is born. He used the name Carlo Collodi, he was an Italian author who created  Pinocchio.



November 24th, 1859

Charles Darwin publishes On the Origin of the Species. that is considered to be the foundation  of evolutionary biology.




November 24th, 1864

Henri de Toulouse  – Lautrec is born. A French painter who captured the theatrical and sometimes  decadent  life of Paris. Lautrec suffered from a series of congenital health conditions.



November 24th, 1932

FBI, the Scientific Crime Detection Laboratory is officially opened, in Washington, D.C.




November 24th, 1957

Diego Rivera dies. He was a Mexican painter, an active communist and married to Frida Cahlo.He is  famous for his works in fresco and for is contribution in the Mexican Mural Rennaissance.



November 24th, 1991

Freddie Mercury dies. The very much talented leade vocalist and song-writer of Queen. He was a great  performer and a major inspiration for many musicians, leaving behind great songs.


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