November 22nd






November 22nd, 1906

The S.O.S. initials are established as an international distress signal at the International  Wireless Telegraph Congress in Berlin.



November 22nd, 1916

Jack London dies. An american author and social activist.His best known works are The Call of the  Wild, The Sea Wolf etc.


November 22nd, 1928

Maurice Ravel, French composer, presents Bolero in Paris , his most famous compoition.




Novemer 22nd, 1940

Terry Gilliam is born. He is a film-director, screen -writer, actor and a member of the Monty  Python group.He has directed some films like Brazil, Fisher King and 12 Monkeys.




November 22nd, 1963

US president John F.Kennedy is killed in Dalas, Texas by Lee Harvey Oswald who is later captured.



November 22nd, 1995

Toy Story is released. It is the first feature – length film created completely using computer  generating imagery.





November 22nd, 1997

Michael Hutchence commits suicide. He was an Australian singer and song-writer member of the  rock band INXS.


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