The American.

Last night i watched ” The American ” . Jack, the main character ( starring George Clooney ) is a                      craftsman who works with bad guys. Bad Swedish guys want to kill him, his good friend Pavel offers him    a final job, to make a super-wow gun for a Belgian woman, Mathilde. Jack is really tired of his lifestyle  and he wants this assigment to be the last one, to fall in love and drink brandy with his new friend the village’s pastor.But once a professional assassin, always a professional assassin.  At the beginning the movie is of  high expectations then to tell you the truth i got a little bored. I liked the fact that the movie is based on  Martin Booth’s novel ( A very private gentleman ).I liked the fact that most of the film was shot at the  italian countryside. I liked the fact  that Corbijn, the director, used every single frame in favor of the plot. I liked the fact that i didn’t pay to watch it.


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