November 15th







November 15th, `1492

Christophorus Colombus writes in his diary the use of tabacco by the Indians. This is the first                   recorded reference to tabacco.





Novemeber 15th, 1630

Johannes Kepler dies. Kepler was a German mathematician, astronomer and astrologer as well as  he played a key role to the scientific revolution in  the 17th century, His is famous for his  eponymous laws of planetary motion.




November 15th, 1854

The Suez Canal is given the necessary royal concession. The Suez Canal, in Egypt, is  an                  artificial sea-level waterway whichs connects the Mediaterranean Sea and the Red Sea. It allows water transportation between Europe and Asia without navigating around Africa.


Novmeber 15th, 1859

The first modern revival of the Olympic Games , in Athens, Geece.Originally, the Olmpic Games were held in Olymbia, Greece, from the 8th c.BC to the 5th c. AD.




November 15th, 1917

Emile Durkheim dies. Durkheim was a great French sociologist who  established the academic                discipline.Along with Marx Weber nad Carl Marx is considered  to be one of  the builders of social        science.


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