November 13th






November 13th, 1850

Robert Louis Balfour Stevenson is born. A Scottish poet and travel writer. Some of his known                    works are Treasure Island and the Strange case of Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde.



November 13th, 1887

Bloody Sunday. Socialists and anarchists protested against the british politics in Ireland. There were  10.000 protestors  in Trafalgar square. Three of them died and 200 were injured.  Same scenery in 1913,  1920 and 1972 in Dublin. The last one was an inspiration for the song Sunday Bloody Sunday by U2.



November 13th,1927

The Holland Tunnel opens to traffic. It is a highway tunnel under the Hudson river whichs          connects Manhattan island in New York with Jersey City.

November 13th, 1968

Yellow Submarine , an animated feature film was released. The film was based on the music          of  Beatles and it is also the title of the soundtrack album. Ot the same day the song Hey               Jude rises  number 1 on the American billboard.




November 13th, 2002

The Prestige oil  tanker sinks off the Galician coast causing a mass oil spill, perhaps one of the      biggest ecological tragedies on the history of Spain.



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