November 12th








November 12th, 1927

Leon Trotsky is expelled from the Communist Party and Joseph Stalin gets full control of the Soviet       Union.



November 12th, 1929

Grace Patricia Kelly is born. She won the American  Academy Award and was married to Prince           Rainier III of Monaco. The Princess of Monaco was one of Alfred Hitchcock’s favourite actresses         starring in  ” To catch athief “, ” Rear Window ” and ” Dial M for Murder “. She was killed in a tragical car accident while driving with her daughter Stephanie.


November 1th, 1933

Hugh Gray takes the first photos of Loch Ness Monster that are known. Loch Ness is a large         loch  in the Scottish Highlands and the  second largest Scottich loch. The existence of the            Loch Ness Monster itself remains a mystery all these years and a great touristic attraction.




November 12th, 1934

Charles Milles Manson is born. An American criminal, known for the Manson Family, a                  community stated in California in the  1960s.Manson was found guilty of conspiracy to                  commit the Tate-LaBinca murders. The murders were carried out by members of the                      Manson’s community. Manson is at the Concoran State Prison , 150 km northwest to Los Angeles.



November 12th, 1945

Neil Percival Young is born.  One of the most influential song-writers of his generation has            released about 34 albums throughout his 40-years career. His guitar playing and his voice         as well as his deep lyrics are his main characteristics. Young has been included in the Rock          and Roll Hall of Fame twice.



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