November 10th






November 10th, 1483.

Martin Luther is born, a German priest and professor of theology.He was responsible for the    beginning   of the  Protestant Reformation.




November 10th, 1759

Friedrich Schiller is born. ( Johann Christoph Friedrich von Schiller, full name). A famous German      poet, philosopher and playwright. Along with is close friend, philosopher Goethe, led the way to the  Weimer Classicism.




November 10th, 1891

Arthur Rimbaud dies. ( Jean Nicolas Arthur Rimbaud,full name). A French poet who wrote his great works in his late teens,making Victor Hugo call him “infant Shakespear”.Rimbaud was part of the Decadent Movement.




November 10th, 1925

Richard Burton, a welsh actor, is born.He was nominated seven times for the Academy Award   but never won. A great Holywood actor still rembered for his adventurous relationship with  Elisabeth Taylor.




November 10th, 1928

Hirohito was crowned Emperor of Japan at the age of 27. He is known as Emperor Showa.


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