Why I like Dexter

Dexter Morgan. My new friend! My favourite TV. Show character! And I got lots of arguments to support my obsession. Here we go. What an amazing profession!!! Bloodstain pattern analyst?? <Hey boy, what do you want to do when you grow up??> Look at the blood and tell me what happened. Respect. There are times I actually feel sorry about Dexter. I mean he’s been through so much!! Ok, he may be a serial killer and a sociopath but who said that serial killers and sociopaths can’t have friends? I want be your friend Dexter (and just in case, I haven’t done anything wrong). Check out his childhood!!! See Dr.Freud? There is an explanation for his behaviour. But who cares about baby – Dexter when the mature-Dexter is beautiful, intelligent, has a weird sense of justice and brings you doughnuts every morning?


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